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Are you interested in Complex Adaptive Systems? If you are curious what terms "Complexity", "Adaptability", "Emergent Intelligence" or "Digital Ecosystems" mean, or if you would like to gain a thorough understanding of how to "Manage Complexity", this is the right place to be. Please read the page "On Complexity" or get in touch with George.


George Rzevski is Emeritus Professor, Complexity and Design Research Group, The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK and Founder of Digital Ecosystems Ltd, London, Helsinki, Colombo, Singapore, Moscow and Samara, a company supplying AI-based software for business and administration.


He is a researcher, entrepreneur and consultant in the broad area of Complex Adaptive Systems, Digital Ecosystems and Artificial Intelligence.



News and Events


March 2019 - AI for Business FORUM in Lugano

George spoke at the AI for Business FORUM attended by executives from Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Germany. 


January 2018 - George completed report for the House of Lords, Westminster, on "Mass Migration as a Complex System"


December 2018 - Colombo, Sri Lanka - Professor Rzevski assembled a team of AI software developers and launched the development of AI system for real-time control of cooling and heating of large buildings in subtropical climates


December 2018 - International Conference on Artificial Intelligence 2018, Colombo, Sri Lanka

George delivered Keynote on Human versus Artificial Intelligence: Collaborating or Competing? predicting that in the near future, 40% of all low risk decision making jobs may be taken over by AI.


October 2018 - Professor Rzevski visited IBIS123 Corp, Jacksonville and University of Florida Campus, Gainesville, to sign contract for developing AI-based system for controlling cooling and heating of large state-owned buildings in Florida


September 2018 - Professor Rzevski engaged to help the House of Lords, Westminster, with their research project "Britain's Demographic Challenge"


May 2018 - The New Forest Conference on Complex Systems

George chaired the conference and delivered Keynote on Coevolution of Technology, Business and Society, predicting serious changes in our social and political structures, which will be caused by the impact of AI.


March 2018 - Visit to Sidney

As a member of the team assembled by Sydney consulting company Chora, George gave a number of presentations for the big Australian insurance company, IAG, on the application of Artificial Intelligence in insurance industry. His team is prototyping an intelligent digital platform for supporting claim management, reinsurance and autonomous claims.


September 2017 - Brexit Paper revised to include some latest research results


July 2017 - George founded a new venture, Digital Ecosystems Ltd

To read more, click on Commercial Ventures.


July 2017 - Announcement of The New Forest Conference on Complex Systems 2018 to be chaired by Professor Rzevski

The conference will take place in a well-known hotel in the middle of the New Forest on 14 - 16 May 2018. The conference attracts well known complexity science experts as well as those who would like to learn how to manage complexity of the Internet-based global market.

Further details available at www.witconferences.com/complexsystems2018.


July 2017 - George wrote a paper on Brexit Through the Lenses of Complexity  Science

Paper outlines a strategy for economic breakthrough after Brexit. To read the paper click on "Brexit Paper".


23 June 2017 - George's Letter to the editor on low productivity published in the Times 

Sir, the headline to David Smith’s article (Business, June 21) holds that productivity is “a real problem” in the UK “even if boosting it is the stuff of dreams”. The solution is quite straightforward. Complex systems, such as a national economy, are able to “self-organise” with a view to reducing consequences of external events that disrupt status quo. Hence, if you tighten up employment law and make it more difficult for businesses to employ cheap immigrant labour, which is flooding the UK precisely because opportunities to find a job are better here than elsewhere in Europe, businesses would adapt and start investing into IT and switch from labour-intensive to technology-driven, high-productivity business processes.

That is exactly what happened in France, where employment laws are so strict that businesses avoid employing labour and instead employ technology. We could help the process of adaptation, which is always painful, by providing easily available investments into IT, as in the US.

George Rzevski, Emeritus professor of complexity science, Open University.


June 2017 - According to academia.edu George is among top 2% of world scientists in terms of the number of downloaded publications

The number of downloads of George's publications on various aspects of complexity science is steadily increasing.


May 2017 - New Forest Conference - Complex Systems 2017 

Gorge co-chaired the annual Complex Systems Conference and delivered the keynote address "Building Digital Ecosystems". This is a small and very friendly conference attracting researchers and practitioners interested in complexity and adaptability in business, economics, medicine, financial services, etc. The key objective is to promote understanding of complexity and exchange knowledge on methods for managing complexity.


March 2017 - Appointment to the Board of Directors of Wessex Institute of Technology

Professor Rzevski joined the Board of Directors of Wessex Institute of Technology.


March 2017 - Singapore Conference - Complexity 2017 

George participated in the Complexity Conference "Causality - Reality" in Singapore as an invited speaker. His talk was entitled "Managing Organisational Complexity: Practical Methods and Tools for Adaptation and Causality". After the Conference George met several highly positioned administrators who expressed interest in methods for managing complexity in dense urban areas. During this visit to Singapore George appointed Yin Cheng Lau, known as YC, to represent his business interests and to help George's ventures to expand into Singapore and China.


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