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Magenta Corporation Ltd


In 1999, soon after his retirement from the full-time academic career with The Open University, George raised investments in the City of London and founded Magenta Corporation Ltd in partnership with Dr Petr Skobelev from Samara, Russia. At the age of 67, George was the oldest entrepreneur in the field of advanced software technology.


Magenta experienced fast growth, with the number of software developers in Russia under Petr’s leadership reaching over hundred whilst keeping numbers of employees at headquarters in London to a minimum.


Magenta specialised in refining and translating into practice Professor Rzevski’s ideas on intelligent multi-agent software for the allocation of resources in problem areas of high complexity, where conventional optimisers could not be applied.


The company developed and delivered unique large-scalereal-time schedulers for

  • A fleet of large seagoing tankers transporting crude oil across the glob
  • 2000 taxis (minicabs) in London
  • One of the largest car rental company for its UK network
  • A fleet of trucks (lorries) operating in the UK


Magenta also developed unique solutions in the domains of

  • Semantic processing – a multi-agent system capable of reading and interpreting abstracts of scientific papers
  • Dynamic data mining – a multi-agent system capable of clustering frequently changing data
  • Management of design clashes – a multi-agent system capable of tracing design clashes that occur when a large number of designers cooperate on the design of an aircraft wing


Multi-Agent Technology Ltd


After 10 years, both George and Petr left Magenta and founded a new venture, Multi-Agent Technology Ltd, or MAT, with branches in London, Helsinki, Singapore, Moscow and Samara.


MAT products and services were based on a new and more powerful version of multi-agent technology. Some of the most prestigious projects recently completed are:

  • A Network of five Cooperating Real-Time Adaptive Schedulers managing the delivery of crew and cargo to the International Space Station
  • Real-Time Adaptive Scheduler for Coca Cola supply chain in Germany
  • Real-Time Adaptive Scheduler for delivery of goods ordered online for the city of Moscow
  • Real-Time Adaptive Scheduler for Moscow - Sent Petersburg railway line

MAT business has been now transferred to Helsinki. George acts as a Senior Adviser to the MAT Board of Directors.

Digital Ecosystems Ltd


Learning from the rich experience in building a variety of real-time adaptive systems for business, George and Petr began constructing a new digital platform for developing "digital ecosystems" - intelligent software capable of autonomously self-organising to accommodate internal and external disruptive events and co-evolving with their environments. The new venture, Digital Ecosystems Ltd, established in 2017, is now used to launch products and services based on the new technology.


The first project of the new company, specifying a digital ecosystem for an insurance client in Australia was delivered in 2018.

The company is now engaged in developing a digital ecosystem for energy management of large buildings in sub-tropical climates.





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