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Professor George Rzevski is an academic, entrepreneur and consultant, based in London, UK.


He is Emeritus Professor, Centre for Complexity and Design, The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK and Managing Director, Digital Ecosystems Ltd, London, Helsinki, Moscow, Samara, Singapore, Colombo.




Until his retirement in1999, George was Professor in Department of Design and Innovation at The Open University, Milton Keynes, where he was Director, Centre for the Design of Intelligent Systems. His Centre was well funded by grants from government and industry and his Department was rated 5 out of 5 in the two UK Research Assessment Exercises. As a tribute to his successful research career, the University established “The George Rzevski Complexity Science Laboratory”.


At the Open University George pioneered undergraduate education in intelligent mechatronics developing a course in which each of 400 students were given his/her personal intelligent robot to conduct experiments at home.


Prof Rzevski has published widely and delivered keynote papers at numerous international conferences. He supervised many PhD projects and acted as external examiner for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in many UK university departments. He has assessed candidates for tenure on behalf of several American universities, including Stamford, Ohio and Texas; examined over 30 PhD students from universities in the UK and abroad, including Cambridge University, Imperial College, LSE, Royal College of Art, The Open University, Cardiff University, Singapore University and National University of Ireland. For several years, George has delivered a regular series of lectures on Economic, Social and Cultural Implications of Global Networks to postgraduate students at London School of Economics. He served as editor-in-chief of the Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Engineering, published by Elsevier.


George acted as Visiting Professor at London School of Economics; Brunel University, West London; Wuhan University, China; Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Germany; and Moratuwa University, Colombo, Sri Lanka and he served on the Board of Directors, Wessex Institute of Technology, New Forest, England.




Together with his long-term business partner, Professor Petr Skobelev, from Russia, Professor Rzevski has founded a network of advanced technology companies, which include Magenta Corporation, London, UK, and Samara, Russia; Multi-Agent Technology Ltd, London, UK, Helsinki, Moscow, Samara; and Digital Ecosystems Ltd, London, Moscow, Samara, Helsinki, Colombo. The companies are engaged in developing and marketing complex adaptive systems and digital ecosystems.


George and Petr created advanced multi-agent technology which their companies use for developing complex adaptive systems and they are the authors of three UK and international patents on multi-agent systems for real-time logistics, dynamic data mining and semantic processing.




Throughout his academic career, George worked as a consultant on various issues related to advanced IT for the UK administration, EU and private blue chip companies including, ITT Communications, London, Antwerp and Paris; ICL Computers, Manchester; IBM, London; Philips, Eindhoven and many others.


He currently provides consultancy service on Managing Complexity, Artificial Intelligence and Building Digital Ecosystems.




Professor Rzevski began his academic career in the UK at Kingston Polytechnic, later Kingston University, where he was Professor and Founder Head of Information Systems. At Kingston, he launched new undergraduate and postgraduate courses aimed at bringing together disciplines of Information Technology (IT) and Business and led a successful research centre in Computer-Integrated Manufacturing. The Centre worked in close cooperation with leading high-technology companies, including ICL, Xerox and IBM.


George is of Russian origin. His family emigrated from Russia in 1918 and settled in Serbia, where he was born in 1932 and educated at the University of Belgrade. In his late twenties, he was given an opportunity to establish a new design office in Belgrade. He hand-picked his staff employing only talented young engineers and the design bureaux grew under his leadership into a major organisation capable of undertaking large-scale electrical engineering projects. At the age of 29 George was Chief Designer of all major railways electrification schemes in Yugoslavia. George moved to the UK in the 1960s where he attended a postgraduate refresher course at Imperial College before joining Kingston.



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